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Agency Partnerships

Partner with Seventh Point

Your agency does a lot for its clients, but there are some areas that you need a little more “oomph.” Let us help fill in the gaps.

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Who We Partner With

We partner with other agencies, consultants, and firms that offer advertising and digital media. These companies have dedicated their know-how to advertising as a whole, but not to same resources we have – such as programmatic and video development.

How We Add to your Brainpower

As your partner, we are white-labeled and our services are put under your umbrella. We are an extension of your brainpower and another tool in your arsenal when delivering results to campaign clients.

FAQs of Partnering with Seventh Point

Do I still own that part of the business with my client?

– Yes. We offer our services to you as close to cost as we can and you place your margin on top of that.

What information do I have to give you?

– We ask that you send us your client’s budgeted spend with an easy setup document. From there, we give you a strategy outline that includes an explanation of tactics.

How much control do I have?

– As much, or as little, as you’d like. Typically, we’ll send along the campaign information and updates to you to keep you in the loop to explain to your clients. At the end of a campaign, we send you a short and sweet report with a summary of all the important information.

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