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Hypertargeted Campaign Delivers 300% Performance on Goal for Regional University

Marshall University Stays Ahead of the Pack Through Hyper-Targeted Campaign

  • University needs to find a way to cut through the noise to keep brand ahead of competition

  • Hyper-targeted campaign keeps awareness high and delivers 300% performance on application goal


Awareness Campaign, Application Campaign


Higher Education


Public university needs awareness and commitment

Marshall University is a co-ed comprehensive public research university in Huntington, West Virginia. Although they had great awareness in their local markets, they were struggling to gain regional awareness.

The pool of prospective students was shrinking. To stay on par with other universities, they needed to drive more awareness in their primary geographies of West Virginia, Kentucky, and Ohio, while also expanding their reach to Northern Virginia, Maryland, and Washington D.C.

They also needed to make sure that the students that had already been accepted were following up with commitment actions, such as student deposits. For campaign guidance and implementation, they turned to Seventh Point’s Higher Ed team and partners.


When the team looked at the analytics, it was clear that Marshall University had some tough competition in-state; however, some of the out-of-state geo-targets showed some real promise. Taking that detail into account, the team designed a custom integrated media campaign that combined traditional media tactics with an aggressive digital lead generation campaign


  • Using the geo-market areas, the Seventh Point team placed radio ads on top stations and print ads in key publications that were distributed to these areas, in addition to ads in key magazines that reached Marshall’s target audience

  • Seventh Point utilized Out-Of-Home (OOH) placements for Marshall in highly trafficked shopping malls and airports where prospects were most likely to see them

  • The team designed a digital campaign using the following tactics to target high school student prospects and their parents who were in the research phase of college and showing an interest in higher education located in Marshall’s key target markets

    This digital campaign comprised of:
    – Programmatic Display Advertising
    – Retargeting Display Advertising
    – Facebook and Instagram Social Media Ads
    – Search Engine Marketing (SEM)


Hear the thunder of the herd as prospective students show renewed interest and commitment

  • Marshall University saw 1,110 application submissions, surpassing their goal of 378 by 300%

  • The 9-Month digital campaign generated nearly 26 million impressions and over 60,000 clicks on Marshall’s advertisements

  • The traditional campaign generated an estimated 41 million ad impressions

  • With guidance from Seventh Point, Marshall was able to achieve 340 confirmed deposits from accepted students and over 6,500 visits to the Pay Online Deposit page

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