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How One School Used Snapchat to Bring #DeadWeek to Life

Higher Education Case Study: University of the Cumberlands and Snapchat

Cumberlands Snapchat #DeadWeekSOS

Have you been wondering what Snapchat can do for your college?  How you can carry out a campaign that will really connect students with administration and create a truly positive experience?  I can tell you this – The University of the Cumberlands’ Snapchat campaign accomplished more goodwill and connections than an iPad giveaway ever will.

Social media can be unpredictable, but when used right – it can be a tool with unrivaled power.

Over lunch with the enrollment and marketing staff, I heard they had increased their Snapchat followers by nearly 100 in the first two hours of the campaign.  And then I found out that once the campaign had ended, after just one week, they had tripled their followers.  Those are some powerful stats, but honestly nothing was as powerful as this statistic:

$260 = serving 150 students and increasing the positive perception of the school, staff, faculty, and administration.

What?  How can Snapchat do that?  And why did it cost $260?  And what was your strategy to get 3x the followers you had?  How did you set it up?  What did the students think about it?  I followed up with their social media manager to find out more.

I’ve put that information and examples from their campaign here in this case study.

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