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Post-Grad Programs See CTR 50% Higher Than Industry Average

Louisiana College Post-Graduate Programs Take Off Through Awareness and Lead Campaign

  • Continuing education programs needed higher enrollment numbers, but growth had stalled due to lack of digital presence and funnel for leads

  • Integrated digital campaign blows goals out of the water with Click-Through-Rates 50% higher than industry average and 126 direct leads


Project: Branding, Lead Capture


Higher Education


Louisiana College is a private co-ed Baptist liberal arts college with a tradition of outstanding academics and is the only Baptist, four-year institution in Louisiana. But as distinct as they are, they were having trouble generating enough leads for their Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) degree and TEACH Certification program.

Louisiana College needed to build a digital funnel for these programs. They had been running print ads and leveraging internal communication, but they knew they needed a more targeted audience if they wanted these programs to be successful.


Use better filters to reach target audience with programs’ strengths

The Seventh Point team took Louisiana’s targeting one step further by identifying that the target audience was either working in, or wanted to work in, the K-12 school system and that they were searching for programs within a certain radius of their home that were both flexible and affordable.

Armed with this information, Seventh Point knew it would be important to highlight Louisiana College’s hybrid campus, and the flexible nature and affordability of the MAT degree and TEACH Certification program.


Run integrated messaging to capture awareness and leads

  • Created custom audience data segments to filter prospects to ensure ads would reach the right prospect with the right message without wasted impressions or budget

  • Designed an integrated media plan comprised of behavioral display and retargeting ads, social media advertising and search engine marketing text ads focused on the teacher-friendly, hybrid nature of the programs

  • Deployed programmatic display ads to provide initial top-funnel awareness and paid social media ads for top-level awareness in a more natural and social habitat for the target audience

  • Executed a paid search campaign targeting program relevant keyword searches in the radius of the school and select cities to capture search traffic


Louisiana College gains strong digital presence and a consistent flow of leads

  • Generated nearly 1 million ad impressions over the course of the campaign and 4,200 ad clicks

  • Achieved an average CTR (Click-Through-Rate) of 1.48% when including display, social, and search channels where the overall average CTR for the Education industry is 0.73%.

  • Generated 126 direct leads at a goal-shattering $114 Cost-Per-Acquisition compared to the $200-250 CPA goal range set at the beginning of the campaign

  • Identified primary sources of leads (94%) were social media and Search Engine Marketing (SEM); providing initial research to be true

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