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How To Reach Your Students During The Holidays And Make Sure They Come Back

Students can’t wait to get home to mom’s cooking, and sometimes once they’re home it’s hard to leave. So how can you get their attention to bring them back; making sure they’re re-enrolling and hitting the deadlines for spring classes?

1. Use what they’re using.

Use-what-they-are-using-Snapchat-Seventhpoint Is your school/admissions dept. on Snapchat? Instagram? Are your reminders on mobile as well as email and your website?

Even if it’s just updating your Snapchat story with engaging snaps and micro-videos of students reenrolling or important dates, use what your students are using! This is an essential way to engage with them on their level and connect them with the information they need to stay enrolled for Spring.

2. Keep it short and BOLD.

We’re bombarded with information overload everyday. Your students are no different. Don’t begin a reminder with a letter from your department president when you need them to read the date and instructions at the end.
Start with the information they need. Use short sentences and embolden the information you don’t want forgotten.

“Get the schedule you want! Early enrollment begins December 29th.

3. Use humor.



Studies have shown where people connect emotions (laughter, humor, etc.) to experiences their recall is much higher. Using humor in your reminders and advertisements for re-enrollment is a great way to make enrolling a positive experience and create a general sense of goodwill towards the school.

You can even pass along this article from the National Educarion Association to teachers that may be looking for ideas to create a fun environment for teaching.

4. Get creative.

Along the same lines as using humor, getting creative adds an appreciation of novelty. (This video is a high school, but still awesomely creative. The good part starts at 1:19)

5. Send reminders to their parents: Don’t underestimate mom.

“Does mom know you’re not going back?” Sometimes an education is appreciated further down the road, but not in the present moment. Send reminders to mom also. Around parents and family we have a tendency to revert back to our childish ways.

6. Finally, require a response before they get their final grades.

That final grade that they (and mom and dad) are waiting for? Put up a gatekeeper. Require a quick response to a poll before they’re given access to their grades portal. (“Are you going to reenroll for Spring 17 on Dec. 29? Yes/No”) Just another way to grab their attention before being taken by reality shows and junk food.

Have another way that you’ve found to be effective to boost re-enrollment or keep your students’ attention? Share below!