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Rhythm of Advertising Guest Blog for EMC Outdoor

Rhythm of Advertising

Recently I was asked by one of our strategic partners, EMC Outdoor, to be a guest blogger on the subject of integrated marketing.  EMC Outdoor are the outdoor advertising experts when it comes to out-of-home media strategy.  They’ve been placing outdoor advertising media across the country for 25 years for everything from traditional billboards to new non-traditional media, digital displays and street teams to experiential marketing on a grand scale.  This is who we look to when we want to know the when, what, how, and why of outdoor media and how it’s going to reach our clients’ audiences.

When I was asked to guest blog, I couldn’t help but think about the work I do with universities and colleges.  There is such seasonality to a prospect college student’s journey as they look for the right school for their future education.  Every college must respond to its prospect audience and find creative ways to successfully and sensitively communicate its own value proposition and reasons for why those prospects might find a promising and fulfilling experience at their campus.  In that journey and seasonality, there seems to be a rhythm of how and when they communicate and use various media strategies, direct mail, email, phone calls, digital ads, social media events and more to make those connections.  That’s when I truly saw the rhythm between how we at Seventh Point Higher Education attempt to utilize digital and traditional media channels to play in-tune and in-rhythm with our clients’ prospects.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading the Rhythm of Advertising” guest blog over on EMC Outdoors blog and let me know if you feel that rhythm too. Below you will find a few key quotes from the blog that help to define the rhythm.

You often hear people say, “Well, that person sure does march to the beat of a different drum.”

We have rhythm in the way we get up in the morning, our routines, and the streets we drive to get to work. There’s even rhythm to the things we order at the restaurants we frequent and the songs we like and listen to or sing out loud in the car to our kids’ displeasure. There is a flow by which we live and a rhythm by which we walk, and if any of those things go off beat, we know it fast. But if something falls into our rhythm, such as an advertising message that breaks through and is on beat with our life, that’s a connection that sticks.

I see that in advertising. I feel that in advertising.

What does our advertising need to do to get past just the mind but penetrate the heart, and in doing so cause the mind to think and the person to act and do?  There’s rhythm in how you plan media and marketing efforts in partnership, in flow, with the client’s seasonality, recruitment cycle, and buying windows.

You could almost say the integrated media plan with its various channels of traditional and digital media mimics a heart monitor readout. There are under-girding strategies that flow on the horizontal, such as search engine marketing, that are always constant, always consistent, and always waiting to capture someone’s active interest. Then there are vertical spikes, those kinds of media channels that cause the spike in attention and bring the person’s head upwards. When you look at an integrated media campaign, the good ones seem to have a rhythm.

Click here to read the Rhythm of Advertising” guest blog over on EMC Outdoors blog or feel free to reach out to us directly to see just how Seventh Point Higher Education can help you find the proper rhythm for your marketing mix.

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