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Want better student enrollment? Focus on Mobile

Want better student enrollment? Focus on Mobile

The main objective for Higher Education revolves around what makes the biggest impact on their ROI – student enrollment.

Seventh Point provides programmatic services to a wide variety of clients, a handful of which include Universities and Community Colleges. So we understand this first-hand.
With a plethora of higher education data to analyze, we’ve been able to identify the most relevant audience, understand the most effective tactics when advertising to that audience, and utilize these vital insights to deliver what the client wants – prospective students.

There are stepping stones. These hard conversions often come in the form of completed applications or information requests.

I’ve outlined these steps below.


Understand every audience is unique.

The audience is never identical across clients and it is a living, breathing thing. Audiences constantly change and we optimize accordingly, adding and removing segments based on performance
Your target audience may consist of users in market for higher education, or households with a teenager present. With additional custom targeting (such as Expect to Enroll or Return to College, Child Nearing High School Graduation in Household, Likely Student Loan Targets, etc.), we can reach more relevant users based on the emphasis of the university, whether it be online learning, graduate programs, or specialized degrees and certifications.
One common denominator of these audiences, and a crucial demographic to reach among the higher education market, is users age 18 – 24


To reach users between the ages of 18 – 24, we have to target them where they are – mobile.

Here are some statistics.

  • There will be 28.5 million smartphone users in 2016 between the ages of 18-24 and are the heaviest smartphone application users. These young adults are more likely to own a smartphone than a PC.
  • Users spend nearly as much time on their smartphone as they do on their Desktop/Laptop Internet, which is approximately 108.7 minutes on their smartphone per day in 2016.
  • Young millennials often use theirs phones for research.

Considering we’re awake on average 14 hours a day, that means this demographic is on their phone for 13% of their day, or for almost two straight hours.


Use relevant targeting. This method has evolved the target age demographic into an audience that doesn’t mind mobile advertisements.

Young millennials comprise a significant portion of our higher education audience and this group claims to not mind mobile advertisements as much as the older millennials. They feel that mobile ads are more targeted and that they receive the most personally relevant ads on a mobile device compared to desktop and television.


Data validation, prospective students respond to mobile advertisements.

Six months of data collected from two of our higher education programmatic campaigns reveals that approximately 30% of Applications and Inquiry Requests were submitted after the user was targeted with an advertisement on a mobile device.

A substantial amount of College Home Page, Admissions Page, and Application Information Page visits occur via mobile device, demonstrating the expectation that young millennials often use their phones for research. 22% of those mobile conversions occurred after the potential prospective student saw an advertisement within a mobile application.

The concept of the effectiveness of mobile advertising is not exclusive to Higher Education.

Maybe you’ve been to Brooklyn and have seen the sidewalk art that demands “Get the (expletive) off of your phone!” or perhaps you’ve heard the popular statistic, “there are more mobile phones in the world than toothbrushes…”

The bottom line is: smartphone use has grown year over year. Regardless of what users comprise your target audience, a great portion of them are mobile device users. Our society’s love for and constant proximity to mobile devices enables us to consume media anywhere and anytime, and in exchange, enables Seventh Point to reach your audience wherever they are, even across multiple devices (future article on cross device to come later).

Want to identify your customized target audience?

Reach out to us! We can reach your future customer wherever they consume media and prioritize the device that makes the most impact on the success of your business.


Courtney Coonts,
Programmatic and RTB Media Trader

Courtney is used to a fast-paced environment that’s focused around attention to details in order to consistently over-deliver to clients. And she does all of this with a smile on her face! Her optimistic and fun-loving personality allowed her to fit right in with the Media Traders’ wing. Her drive and desire for challenge proved her place in this company, and was shown when she took the fast track to become a Certified Media Trader and Ad Words Certified. Bring it on programmatic world!