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Our Story

Parallel Paths

Seventh Point dove headlong into the higher education field over 15 years ago; the same time the tsunami of marketing transformation began. Engaging the new digital consumer would change everything about marketing and advertising, and one of the most poignant waves would hit institutions of higher education. As the landscape shifted for the marketing world, the ground beneath higher education marketing departments rumbled too. Marketing officers from every type of institution would face a new prospective student. Whether traditional schools, non-traditional, for-profit trade schools or community colleges – the new digital consumer would have to be engaged differently. For Admissions Officers, Recruiters, or University Marketing Directors nothing is more important than engaging the prospective student.

Welcome To the New World of Marketing

Running a parallel course, adapting to the changing landscape, was Seventh Point. We invested in the newest, relevancy-focused, media buying technology and training available. Today our media buying model blends art with science, and years of traditional buying skill with today’s most sophisticated digital buying platforms. We’ve built on our experience as true media negotiators and marketers and combined that with the intelligent automation of programmatic media.
Engaging today’s prospective student has become more complex than ever. Knowing how to strike a balance between traditional media and today’s new world media means we understand and have the tools to deliver relevant advertising and an integrated media strategy. That’s what we do.
Colleges and universities benefit from an integrated marketing strategy that guarantees continuity of your brand identity, messaging, and mission across all media channels. Achieving that through today’s new media buying technology is not only possible . . . it is remarkable. Never before in the history of advertising have we been able to target so precisely your exact student.

The Right Message. The Right Person. The Right Time.

Our in-house trading desk gives us the programmatic media buying depth to serve the exact “right” message to the exact “right” person at the exact “right” time and do it on all their devices.

Your digitally savvy, device addicted, multi-screen, prospective student shifts seamlessly from one screen, platform or channel to another. Smartphone to tablet, TV to laptop—and sometimes, several at once. An integrated media strategy with pinpoint targeting – hypertargeting – using today’s new programmatic real time buying technology reaches across all possible barriers and delivers the quality leads you are hoping for.