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Jeremy Fern

Higher Education Specialist


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Your one-minute update on this week’s higher ed hot topics.

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Our higher ed blog, interviews, and just downright interesting stuff.

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Programmatic Buying/RTB

The New World of Marketing – One Ad Impression at a Time.

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Media Buying
Digital Online Media Buying
Programmatic Buying
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Audience Optimization - Reaching Today’s Advertising Savvy Consumer

Seventh Point’s total media package for total message integration can include a mix of traditional media like radio, TV, and out-of-home, combined with our online real time buying powered by programmatic technology, combined with data analytics visualization for immediate tracking results.

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Programmatic Real Time Bidding – RTB

With over 70 Big Data providers constantly updating our platform, we design a persona target. We do not buy websites. We buy “the person,” the persona, wherever they may be online. If they have interest in your product or service, we call them intenders. Algorithms manage the insurmountable constantly changing data, and chase down the intenders. We only serve your ad to someone who has shown interest. We optimize continually and dial in constantly to a more and more precise target throughout the life of the campaign.

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Optimize Your Dollars

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There’s nothing we haven’t seen. Nothing we haven’t produced.

You get the edgy, YouTube-viral-like thinking of our younger professionals mixed with the conceptual insight of Creative Directors, Art Directors and Producers who have lived through all the nicks and scraps life dishes out over 20 or 30 years.

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Keeping It Real

With video you’ll captivate, not aggravate. You’ll engage today’s consumer by keeping it real. There’s always a place for clever, creative, even funny video. But whether you use humor, or surprise, or sensuality, or sensitive, the goal always has to be the same or you’re wasting your money – engagement.

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Featured Posts

2017 Conferences (1)

2017 Conferences for Admissions and Marketing

We’ve made it through the holidays and spring semester! As we look towards graduation season, we also start to plan which conferences we’re going to attend this year. Higher Education conferences are a great way to keep your fingers on the pulse of the industry, hear about innovative tactics, and make connections that have a […]

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Recruiting The Non-Traditional Student in a Traditional Admissions World

Shellee Casiello, Public Affairs Specialist Seventh Point Don’t underestimate peer influence. It plays a big part. It was October 2010, I was on a vacation with my family celebrating my 40th birthday.  We were sitting at an outdoor café with a professor from Old Dominion University (ODU) that was our tour guide. My husband was […]

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Trumped Up Higher Education

The Trump Card for Higher Education We were all concerned about the election, and now we’re concerned about the implications of Donald Trump as president. Let’s see if we can objectively take a look at his platform and the potential ramifications his administrations’ views will have on higher education. Issue 1: Costs Trump would fight […]

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How To Reach Your Students During The Holidays And Make Sure They Come Back

Students can’t wait to get home to mom’s cooking, and sometimes once they’re home it’s hard to leave. So how can you get their attention to bring them back; making sure they’re re-enrolling and hitting the deadlines for spring classes? 1. Use what they’re using. Is your school/admissions dept. on Snapchat? Instagram? Are your reminders […]

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